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Cloud Architecting

Building a cloud application is like building a house. If you don’t at least acknowledge the industry’s best practices, it may all come tumbling down. Simply taking legacy applications and moving them to the cloud—“lift-and-shift”—will not automatically yield the benefits that cloud infrastructure and systems can provide. Vervali’s Cloud Architects help in designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems.

  1. Design Scalable and Secure Solutions
  2. Organize and Maintain Cloud Infrastructure
  3. Disaster Recovery plans

Cloud Adoption/Migration

Achieve successful transition to cloud with zero business impact. Plan and strategize movement to cloud. Migration is one of the biggest services being asked for while adopting cloud strategy.

  1. Decide what to move and what not to move to cloud
  2. Prioritize when and how to move
  3. Scale up or Scale Down Features and Services
  4. Focus on implementation rather than infrastructure.
  5. Develop a data back up and recovery strategy
  6. Identify potential security thefts and controls

Cloud Monitoring & Security

Cloud governance means three things in a nutshell – do the right things; do things right; and measure both. Next generation enterprise cloud governance is all about applying specific policies and principles to secure applications and data when they are located remotely. These policies and principles should be integrated with existing IT governance and not introduced in isolation. Vervali helps companies determine the best approach to integrate new processes with existing IT governance policies, dashboards and tools.

Cloud Cost Optimization

“Rule Cloud Spending with Your Team”. Stop wasting money paying for more resources than you need. An optimized cloud gives you the exact resources you need — no more, no less — and frees up capital that can drive your company forward. Vervali engineers optimize the way the Cloud Infra is used and utilizing different services to scale up and scale down the infra as required. Example – Spot instances, Serverless Architecture, Micro services etc.

Why Vervali?

Vervali’s Well-Architected Cloud Framework allows you to optimize cloud spending with your team.

With proper planning Vervali helps you build certainty in your migration plans. Predict and avoid unexpected expenses, create accountability and accelerate time to value.

Vervali helps you gain "Cloud Cost Visibility". Have full visibility and anomaly detection to avoid suprises.

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